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Here we will keep you up to date with our latest news, share useful roofing tips and stories and anything else we think you may enjoy! :)

By Shelly, Jul 12 2016 02:29PM

Typically there are two types of roofs on most houses you see, regardless of age or style – those being a pitched (pointed) roof or a flat roof.

A 'flat roof' is actually a slight misconception because, in order to enable rainwater to drain away, flat roofs have a slight pitch (or slope) of a few degrees, to take the water away effectively, so as not to cause damage to the roof.

There are certain pros and cons of flat and pitched roofs to consider before you make a final decision on considering a property with a flat roof, over its pitched counterpart.

A pitched roof has at least two slopes that rise to meet at a peak and they are known for their durability and decent lifespan. Also, a pitched roof allows you to have usable life or storage space in the loft area. This is a feature that a flat roof simply can't match.

You will also benefit from added insulation, as rooms in the house will not be affected by varying extreme temperatures that can be a drawback of having a flat roof.

Conversely however, pitched roofs do not come cheap. Their initial design is more complex than a flat roof, so labour and material costs mean that they are usually a far more expensive option to build than a flat roof and, therefore, repairs can sometimes also be a costly affair.

By michelle, Jan 21 2015 10:30AM

As this cold snap continues, there is a possibility that your roof could experience (if it hasn't already) the full force of the harsh winter weather conditions.

Although its not always possible, its a good idea not to wait for the snow, wind, ice and freezing rain before taking precautionery measures to protect your home. Here are some helpful roof care tips to help you prepare

Make sure your roof is fully weatherproof

Check there are no loose or missing tiles / slates, cracks or damp spots on your properties roof, as bad weather can quickley take advantage of an existing weakness

It can also be wise to check for any broken or missing pointing where the roof meets chimneys, walls, vents, dormers or skylights

Clean the gutters

Once all leaves are off the surrounding trees to your property, make sure you clean gutters of any debris which may have accumulated. Clogged gutters prevent water from flowing through them and this, combined with falling temperatures can lead to ice build up on the roof

Hopefully the information above has been or will be in the future useful to you however, roofing issues cannot always be avoided. It is always best to have a professional deal with these problems sooner rather than later.

Please be aware that a small problem with the roof could be resolve for ££'s but if left to worsen could end up costing ££££'s.

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