From Roof Repairs to Rubber Roofs in Morley | Reasons to Choose Us

Here at Briggs Roofing Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a roofing contractor that delivers a complete service package to our clients in Morley. Whether in the domestic, commercial or industrial sector, we offer bespoke roofing solutions to suit any requirement. From small scale roof repairs to complete re-roofing projects involving pitched or flat roofs, we cover every eventuality. As an added benefit, we also specialise in guttering, fascias and soffits. If you’re considering options for rubber roofs, or you simply want to schedule a roofing inspection, come to the trusted choice for discerning property owners.


A significant amount of our business comes from returning customers or their recommendations to family and friends. As such, we’ve heard numerous reasons why our clients choose us as their roofing contractor. Below, we’ve shared some of the most common.


Why Our Customers Choose Us


1. Experience

Briggs Roofing Services has been continuously trading since 2008. As such, we offer our clients in Morley a proven track record for excellence stretching back a decade. In addition, our personnel also have 20 years of trade and industry experience.


Not only does this experience offer peace of mind regarding the quality of our roof repairs, new flat roofs and guttering, fascias and soffits, it also demonstrates that we operate fairly and honestly. Quite simply, a roofing contractor entering a second decade of service stronger than ever needs to strike the perfect balance of quality workmanship and superior customer service – so that’s exactly what we do.


2. Accreditation

While practical experience remains imperative to a successful roofing contractor, accreditation holds just as much importance in the eyes of their clients. Certification from and membership with industry-leading bodies reinforces claims, demonstrating a willingness to have work externally assessed.


Briggs Roofing Services proudly holds membership with the Federation of Master Builders as well as an NVQ certificate in roofing. By demonstrating that our results comply with the highest of standards, our Morley-based customers implicitly trust us with projects such as installing rubber roofs and roof repairs of any size.


3. Roofline Expertise

The roofline system, namely guttering, fascias and soffits, plays a vital role in keeping a roof in the best possible condition. A fully functional roofline system minimises the likelihood of moisture ingress into the interior roofing area as it swiftly channels water away. In short, the less time water spends on the roof, the less damage it can cause.


However, any issues with guttering, fascias and soffits can cause problems with the system, potentially sending water into areas it shouldn’t be. Most commonly, these issues involve blocked or cracked guttering and downspouts. The latter doesn’t allow water to drain efficiently, or at all, meaning that water pools in the guttering. Not only does this keep water in the roofing area, it also adds excessive weight that might eventually cause significant damage.


The latter issue causes drained water to leak out before it reaches the drain, often sending water down the side of an external wall. Needless to say, this causes rapid water damage to the surface at hand.


With expertise in guttering, fascias and soffits, our customers in Morley come to us to keep their roofline working, not to mention looking great, thus minimising any future roof repairs.


4. Flat Roofs

In our position as a locally trusted roofing contractor, we install immaculate EPDM rubber roofs throughout the Morley area. For various reasons, some property owners view flat roofs as a DIY project, or an opportunity to pursue cut-price options that they wouldn’t with any other kind of new roof. Needless to say, poor quality flat roofs represent a false economy, succumbing to roof repairs and re-roofing projects long before those installed by trained professionals.


Our installations of EPDM rubber roofs follow manufacturer guidelines, ensuring a weatherproof, durable surface guaranteed for decades. With such long-lasting quality taken into account, our flat roofs always prove a wise investment.

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