Chimney Repointing and Roof Repairs in Morley, Leeds, Wakefield and West Yorkshire

Rubber Roofs in Wakefield

Due to their position at the top of properties, roofs and chimneys sit exposed to the elements year after year. From a gradual wearing down over time to a sudden event that requires emergency work, roof repairs come in numerous forms. Here at Briggs Roofing Services Ltd, we cover every kind of repair, no matter how big or small. As a time-served roofing contractor, we understand the importance of returning roofs to an excellent condition. Not only do they shelter families and possessions from the elements, they also protect the bricks and mortar of homes from damage too. From our base in Morley, we carry out roof repairs in Leeds, Wakefield and the surrounding West Yorkshire locations.


We strongly recommend that our clients monitor the condition of their roofs in order to stay ahead of ongoing maintenance. By catching and fixing small issues before they develop into big problems, property owners drastically reduce the chances of more extensive repair work.


Roof repairs come in an array of different forms, some with warning signs, other without. The most common issues that we encounter as a roofing contractor include:


  • Cracked, Slipped or Missing Tiles
  • Standing Water on Flat Roofs
  • Shrinking and Blistering of Roof Membranes
  • Poor Quality or Damaged Flashing
  • Blocked Guttering and Downpipes

Multiple serious problems stem from these issues, including water ingress, timber decay and the compromising of structural integrity. If left unchecked, they may even lead to a full roof replacement.


In our role as a roofing contractor, Briggs Roofing Services has completed countless roof repairs, returning these areas to an optimal condition. As our satisfied clients spread across Morley, Leeds Wakefield and West Yorkshire can confirm, we never opt for a quick fix.


Our team performs an extensive assessment of the problem area free of charge and with no obligation to carry out any roof repairs that we recommend. However, we don’t suggest repair work for the sake of it. Any issues that we uncover will only get worse with time, thus making them more expensive to fix at a later date.


To schedule a roofing assessment at your domestic, commercial or industrial property, please contact us.

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Chimney Repairs


Without regular inspections, chimneys on properties in Morley and the surrounding areas eventually degrade and crack. Needless to say, neglected chimneys not only create an eyesore, in extreme cases they also pose a safety risk.


Much like our roof repairs, chimney repair work starts with a thorough assessment of the feature itself. From weathered pointing to loose flashing, our team has the knowledge to diagnose any issue. With this information to hand, we inform our clients of our findings before outlining the most cost-effective solution.


We provide the following chimney services in Morley, Leeds, Wakefield and across West Yorkshire:


  • Repairs to Old Chimneys
  • Chimney Flashing
  • Chimney Re-Pointing
  • Restoring Chimney Flaunching
  • Chimney Removal
  • Installation of Cowells
  • Brickwork Sealing
  • Chimney Bird Guards

If you require a trusted roofing contractor to carry out chimney and roof repairs in the West Yorkshire area, call 0113 270 2026 or 07876 547 277.

Rubber Roofs in Wakefield
image of chimney repair
Rubber Roofs in Wakefield
image of chimney repair